The Perfect Parent

A letter from Gal Ezra – Meir’s son

Meir Ezra and Gal Ezra

Definition for Loyalty or in other words


A few days ago I opened the dictionary because I didn’t understand the word “Loyalty”. I found it on the bottom left corner and all it said in the section for the definition was “Meir”. I didn’t fully understand but then I saw there was a picture included in the dictionary entry. It turns out, the picture was of my dad. It was then that I had FULL conceptual understanding of the word “loyalty”.

When you are talking about an ideal friend, you are talking about Meir. If you are discussing ethical and correct interactions in life, you are actually talking about Meir. If you’re ever wondering about perfect parenting, you better start talking about Meir!

You have always been there to protect me, to teach me and to lead me towards achieving my potential – no matter the situation. You are always there to HELP. Some people will think this is enough – but not you – you do this for EVERYONE! This, among so many other things, is what sets you apart. Never have I met someone who displays such knowledge, responsibility and control as this amazing individual who so deeply touches each of our lives from the second we see him. His power is contagious, his energy is addicting, his love is all-encompassing and his loyalty is one you can always count on.

The subject is loyalty, and I am more than honored to call you my dad, because I can assert that you are and have been the most loyal friend, mentor and father I could have ever dreamed of. What you do is changing the world every second – and will continue for a long, long time.

I love you (as you know), I learn from you, I want to be like you, and thank you for ever. No words are enough!!!!!



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  1. Vendy says:

    Dear Meir, 
    I want to join the endless queue of well-wishers… 
    Have a wonderfull birthdays. My biggest wish for you now is to have an unbeliavable expansion with TimeMaker so you can help tons of business'… 
    ML, Vendy 

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